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Each meticulously crafted kit brings to life the essence of real cars, blending challenge with elegance for both seasoned model builders and automotive enthusiasts alike.

💜 Brick-compatible Brilliance: Seamlessly integrate our sets with your existing LEGO collection, opening up endless possibilities for creativity and customization.

🍑 True-to-Life Precision: Experience the thrill of building with our authentic reproductions, meticulously designed to capture every curve, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

🔴 Engaging Interactivity: Dive deeper into the world of Auto Bricks with interactive features and functional elements that elevate your building journey.

Perfect for Gifting: Whether for yourself or the vehicle aficionado in your life, Auto Bricks sets make for an exceptional gift choice, promising hours of enjoyment and a stunning addition to any collection.

Each set includes high-quality ABS bricks developed by Auto Bricks and a digital instruction manual for a seamless assembly

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The delivery time for all orders worldwide is within the range of 1-3 weeks. You can expect to receive your tracking number within 1 to 3 business days.

1. Missing some parts from my cars? Sadly we cannot provide customers with extra blocks. Let us know your problem and we can try to handle it. We also do not offer refunds for this issue.

2. What if my Auto Bricks didn't come with instructions? We will email you a PDF on how to build it. If we don't have any please search on Youtube. Auto Bricks does not offer refunds for this issue.

Unleash the Thrill

The blocks effortlessly interlock, delivering a seamless and gratifying building journey. Prepare yourself for an imagination-driven construction adventure!

Happiness is Here

Experience the joy of bringing your dream cars to life with our Auto Bricks - a delightful and imaginative means of construction! Each set consists of blocks and instructions, providing limitless possibilities for customization!